About Us

I am Ishwar Pal Singh I was born on 15 September 1978 in village Maheshwari Tehsil Luxor in Haridwar district of Uttarakhand state. My family was very poor and poor. My father was suffering from cancer due to which he died in 1992 that day of my high school. The exam was mathematics paper, I failed the exam due to not giving the paper, then after facing problems, I did a PG diploma in high school and higher secondary education graduation and computer application.
Later, after joining a private job for 17 years, I decided to dedicate my life to social services. I dedicated the remaining time of my life to social service. On 9 November 2017, Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Charitable Trust An institution by name Karai whose main objective is to serve poor helpless and poor people free of cost.
In order to provide free service to old people through this institution and to serve them free of cost, I established Ambedkar Wardha Ashram through the institution in 2019.

Focus Areas

  • The main objective of the organization is to promote education and to open education-related medical education and training centers.

  • Providing self-employment by the Trust like sewing embroidery cosmetics cooking drawing etc.

  • गरीब विद्यार्थियों  छोटे वह लघु रोजगार के लिए प्रेरित करना

  • Motivating poor students for small jobs.

  • महिलाओं एवं बच्चों के चरित्र व आर्थिक व शारीरिक व बौद्धिक विकास हेतु विभिन्न कार्य करना

  • Performing various works for the character and economic and physical and intellectual development of women and children.

  • Institute Publication Institute School of the curriculum prescribed by the State Government.

  • Research Institute Family Welfare Scheme Health Welfare Scheme Paramarth Sangh Satsang Bhawan Orphanage Hostel Old Age Ashram Nari Niketan Satsang Bhawan Dharamshala Gaushala Other Clothing Charitable Hospital and Women Welfare Centers.

  • Organizing conference seminars and seminars to keep the society free from environmental pollution

  •  Devi disasters like drought earthquake, flooding, working among the people affected by fire.

  • To fulfill the objectives of the Trust and to implement the objectives by obtaining cooperation from non-governmental organizations of the country and abroad, governmental organizations, banks.

  • Editing and publishing good babu high level magazines and letters for public awareness and awakening in the society.

  • To prepare skilled players by training sportspersons in the society through camps and camps.

  • Public awareness campaign to keep Ganga or else rivers and environment clean.

  • To do other work which is in the national interest of society.